Think Spring…

Plant Library illustration“With the good sunny days we have been having, it’s great to get outside and enjoy just being outside.  I love when winter gets out of the way and warm spring comes and takes it’s place. Now watch, I will have cursed us, and we’ll have snow and cold weather.” – Me about a month ago


Well, we can still plan ahead, right? For when Spring is here for real?

 I, for one, have been planing on just what flowers, vegetables, and new seed items I want to plant. We have a seed library for those who like to garden. It’s open to anyone in the community,  and the seeds are free. Everything is located in the old library card catalog. If you aren’t sure what a card catalog is, come to the front desk, and we’ll show you. You can take any seed packets, plant the seeds, watch them grow and bring back some seeds from the plant if you can. We take seed donations, too.

 We have our annual Seed Library Plant Sale on Saturday,  May 6th from 9 to 12. You can find plants for your yard , some yard art, crafts, and other garden items. All for a donation. If you wish, you can donate plants that you need out of your yard. Yes, we will take hostas. All proceeds will help the Seed Library keep planting. 

Please call us here at the Library at 330-343-6123 if you have any questions!

NOW, let’s all think good, warm thoughts, and maybe, just maybe, this cold wind will go away.


-Denise Campbell-Johnson, Library Assistant & Plant Enthusiast

Pura Vida in Costa Rica

Monday, March 27 at 6:30 PM


costa rica

Dover High School students and teachers will share beautiful pictures and

meaningful stories about their recent experience in Costa Rica.
Call 330-343-6123 to register

Marlene Miller: Called to be Amish: My Journey from Head Majorette to the Old Order

Thursday, March 30 at 6:30 PM


Fewer than oMarlene Millerne hundred people have joined the Old Order Amish and stayed since 1950.


Marlene C. Miller is one of them. In this rare memoir, Marlene recounts her unusual journey from an unhappy and abusive childhood into the embrace of the Amish community.
Turning Amish has proven to be anything but plain and simple for this former majorette.

Intro to Square Dancing

Thursday, March 23 at 6:00 PM


Join Bill and Bertha Meese and the NuHall Square Dancers as they share their love of

Modern Western Square Dancing.  Be prepared to tap along as they swing and promenade!


Call 330 -343-6123 to register.

Pi Day

Tuesday, March 14 at 3:00 PM

Pie with Pi

Celebrate the number pi with pie! This event will be held in the story time room. Join us for games, crafts, and, yes, pie. No registration is necessary, but please inform the library of any allergies we need to be aware of. Call us at 330-343-6123 for more information.

So let’s talk about book clubs…

Keep Calm and Join a Book ClubWhen it gets down to it, books, reading, and the culture of books and reading have always been the public library’s “bread & butter.” A great way to celebrate that culture is to get involved in a book club. Book clubs are everywhere and not just at the public library. Churches sponsor and promote book clubs, as do private groups of friends and families. Even sports teams have discussion on a common book. Coaches often see reading and experiencing a common book as a great team building experience. At its most basic level, book clubs bring people together and creates community through the shared experience of reading the same book.

Each year the county Literacy Coalition sponsors One Book, One Community on that same concept: let’s get one book in the hands of thousands of people and discuss it. Let’s put aside our differences and our backgrounds and our economic and educational differences and find common ground.

At the Dover Public Library, we offer several book club options at various times on different days of the week. The Tuesday Night Book Club meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM. The focus of this group is variety and popular fiction and non-fiction. B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Book Club) meets offsite at restaurants and pubs on the 1st Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM. Each month the group uses a different theme. For example, one month it may be Ohio authors or British mysteries. The next it could be plays or Civil War non-fiction. Another library book club is called the Chautauqua Literary & Scientific Circle, or CLSC, which meets on the last Thursday of each month at noon. This book club reads books on the Chautauqua Institution’s book list. Participants are given the opportunity to apply for “graduation” through CLSC, which is the oldest continuous book club in America.

In the end, book clubs are not only challenging and inspiring but great social opportunities as well. Let’s face it: we were not put on this planet to walk alone. If you love reading, we encourage you to connect with other bibliophiles at the Dover Public Library. Who knows, it may just change your life!

-Jim Gill, Director

Celtic Rush Live!

Saturday, March 11 at 1:00 PM

Enjoy the unique & lively sound from this popular Irish pub band. The group performs with a variety of instruments including fiddles, guitars, tin whistle, bass, mandolin, and Irish drum. All welcome!Celtic Rush