National Park Service Centennial Program

In August of 1916 the National Park Service (NPS) was created to care for America’s treasures. Today, the NPS cares for over 400 National Park Service Sites that preserve America’s treasures. Join a park ranger for a celebration of the Centennial and a look at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. For more information or to register for this free community event, please call the Dover Public Library at 330-343-6123.NPS Centennial

End of Summer Reading — Beginning of Little Tornadoes Reading Club

Mortimer Moose here again!  Did you miss me?  I have some very bad news today – I did not win any summer reading prizes.  Bummer.  Good news – I read a lot of great books and got a FREE book to keep!  Yay for free books!  Did you get a free book?  Can I read yours?  Please?  I think I will win lots of prizes next year, since moose are usually very lucky.

I am excited about the fall Footnotes that will come out in the fall, I believe.  There are lots of new programs to get me by until the next summer reading.  I wonder when fall reading starts.  And winter reading and spring reading? WHAT?!  There is only SUMMER reading?!  I’m going to go into prize withdraw!  Medic!  Medic!

Little Tornadoes Reading Club LogoOh, wait! I almost forgot about the Little Tornadoes Reading Club! That’s just as good as a fall reading program. Not only do we get to read sports books, everyone who finishes the drills will get football game tickets, a club t-shirt, and a membership card! There’s also some great events for club members like a Gridiron story time with the Dover Tornadoes! So awesome! I’ll let the other events be a surprise. *Moose Wink*

Come visit the Children’s Department and tell Miss Jen you want to sign up for the Little Tornadoes Reading Club! Then we’ll be in a club together! How fun will that be?

Your Pal,

Mortimer Moose

Volunteer of the Month: Carl

volunteer Carl with boxCongrats to our Volunteer of the Month for August: Carl!


How long have you been volunteering at the library?

3 Years


Why did you want to become a volunteer at the library?

A way to give back to the community


Who are some of your favorite authors?


Box, Baldacci, Patterson, Gavis, Deaver, Sanford, Castillo


What do you enjoy most about being a volunteer?

Just being around the library and talking with the staff


Thank you for all your help, Carl!


Would you like to volunteer? Contact Wendy Contini for more information on how to help your library.

Shuddersome: Tales of Poe Preview


Little_TheaterThe Little Theatre of Tuscarawas County will present a preview of the regional premiere of Shuddersome: Tales of Poe on Saturday, August 13th at 7:00pm at the Dover Public Library.

Directed by Candice McMath, this one-act of selected works of Edgar Allan Poe adapted by Lindsay Price includes short stories (The Black Cat, The Cask of Amontillado, The Tell-Tale Heart, The Oval Portrait, Lionizing, The Masque of the Red Death) and poetry (“The Bells” and “The Raven”). Spectres, ghouls and ghosts come alive in this vivid theatrical adaptation of some of Poe’s best-known works. This spine-tingling night of theatre will have you glancing nervously over your shoulder as Poe’s words rise up like corpses from the grave. (Be careful. Do you hear that tap, tap, tapping?)

Performances are scheduled August 25-28 and September 1-4. All performances are at 8:00 pm except Sunday matinees at 2:30 pm at the Little Theatre of Tuscarawas County located at 466 Carrie Ave NW in New Philadelphia. Adult tickets are $13 and student tickets are $8 with a voucher and a can of food. Food collected will be distributed to local food pantries. Student ticket vouchers will be mailed to local schools in mid-August or can be obtained by contacting the director at Tickets are available by calling 330-308- 6400 or at

5 Things I’ve Learned in 5 Years

Snakes in the Library Poster

One of my favorite posters for one of my favorite events: Snakes in the Library!

This July, I’m celebrating 5 wonderful years working at the Dover Public Library. I feel like it was only yesterday that I did my first official teen program (Silent Library) and had fifteen people show up (five were registered). I’ve learned a lot during my time here, much more than what I learned in Library School. Since I’m celebrating 5 years, here are my top 5 things I’ve learned while working here.

  1. Microsoft Publisher is the Bomb

A few years back, Jim asked me to take over designing the library’s newsletter, Footnotes. I was excited for the challenge. I got to learn fabulous new tricks on Publisher like Master Pages and Color Schemes, tools I hadn’t needed in the past. Before I started at the library, I was all about Photoshop. Now I barely use it. Publisher is where it’s at for posters and other random library projects.

  1. Minecraft May Be the Best Game Ever Invented

    Minecraft Screenshot

    A screenshot preview of my Platform 9 3/4 for this summer’s Minecraft Lock-In

I see a lot of Minecraft in the Library. I was sceptical at first about this game that looks a lot like LEGOs and has no rules, no plot, and no guide. Then I tried it. Because there are no rules, no plot, no guide, you can make the game whatever you want it to be. It makes you think: What do I need to survive? It lets you get creative: What can I build now? It lets you fight a dragon. Beat that, LEGOs.

  1. Teaching a Tech Class is Not as Hard as Teaching Mom to Play a Video Game

I was very nervous the first time I had to teach a tech class. I obsessed about getting everything exactly perfect. Since that first class (on eBooks, by the way), I’ve chilled out a bit. I finally figured out that if I have the patience to walk my mom through playing Skylanders, I have the patience to help people learn how to make a poster in Publisher. (Love you, Mom.)

  1. When in Doubt: Google

I feel many a researcher cringing at this one. BUT: how do I start numbering pages at 1 in the middle of a Publisher document? Why is this error coming up on a patron’s Kindle? How can I unlock my iPad when it’s asking me for a passcode that I never even set up? Google knows! For tech support especially, Google is my best friend. That’s something they neglected to mention in school.

  1. Teen Volunteers at Haunted Library Program

    Awesome Teen Volunteers hanging out at the Haunted Library event last year.

    Teens are Awesome

In Library School, one of my professors said that to work with teens you have to have a thick skin. This worried me because
no one in my life would describe me as “thick-skinned.” But I’ve learned something in five years of actually working with teens: they’re not half as bad as you think they are. Yes, they like their food. Yes, they can be loud. Yes, they sometimes make incredibly awful jokes about Hitler. (Why Hitler? I… don’t know.) BUT they will also play with balloons and play dough, give you ideas for programs they want to do, and help you vacuum the Community Room. Throw in Phantom of the Opera themed Gingerbread Houses, Pac-Man themed volcanoes, and a new cosplay outfit every week, and you’ve got some idea of how awesome teens are.


So, that’s it, folks. The things only Dover Public Library could teach me. Thank you for a great five years. Here’s to many, many more!


-Liz Strauss

Teen Librarian


Sharpie Tie Dye


Tuesday, July 26 at 2:00 PM

On the HS Lawn

Learn a different way to make your own tie dye creations. Bring a white T-shirt to decorate and a friend! Teens may bring extra permanent markers. Event will be held outside. All supplies will be provided by the library and snacks will be served. Event is open to teens in grades 6-12. Call the library at 330-343-6123 to register for this teen-favorite event. In case of rain, a movie will be shown in the Community Room and we will do Sharpie Tie Dye on Tuesday, August 2.