YA Crew Humane Society Fundraiser

humane society logoThursday, July 21 – Friday, July 22

Stop by the library any time on these two days to browse our baked goods and crafts. The teens of the YA Crew organized this event to raise money for our local Humane Society. Baked goods for you and your furry friends will be for sale. There will also be a table of homemade dog and cat toys. All items will be available for a donation. If interested in donating items to sell, please contact Liz Strauss at the library: 330-343-6123



Mortimer the Summer Reading Moose!

Penguin ready to swim

We couldn’t find any pictures of ME in at the pool… so here’s my friend Penny. She’s not a moose, but she’s a pretty good swimmer.

Hello!  It’s me, Mortimer Moose!  I want to talk about summer today!  Are you all on summer vacation now?  I am!  Well, I don’t go to school, because I’m a moose, so I’m not sure what I’m on vacation from, exactly…but I’m definitely on summer something or other!  Yay me!

What are your fun summer plans?  I am going swimming a LOT.  Moose LOVE to swim.  I try not to get the pool all hairy for the other moose, but you know, I shed.  Do you shed?  You don’t have as much hair as me, so maybe you don’t notice.

I want to finish the summer reading program at the library so I can come to the FREE swimming party at the Dover Pool!  SOOOO FUN!  Even though the Librarians said I couldn’t do any of my reading while swimming. Well.  We’ll just see about that!


PS: Date of the swimming party is tentatively August 12. That means… well… we’re not completely, positively, one-hundred-percent sure that it will be on August 12. So, please contact my friends Miss Dani, Miss Jen, Miss Syrena, or Miss Bonnie to double check closer to the event date.

A Dozen Ways to be Healthy: the 2016 Community Walking Challenge

Community Walking Challenge 2016 cover image

May  1 – August 1, 2016

Challenge yourself to create a healthy walking habit this year by participating in the annual Community Walking Challenge organized by the Fit Youth Initiative and the OSU Extension office. Stop by the library to register and receive your tracker, a chain, and your first foot token. Check off a block in the tracker for each 15 minutes of walking (above your regular daily activity). Every three hours of walking (one line on the tracker), earns you another colorful foot token! Before you know it, you’ll fill up 10 lines. That’s 30 hours of walking! After completing line 10 of the tracker, you will be eligible for a free t-shirt. Turn in your tracker at the library no later than August 3 to receive your T-shirt. Call us at 330-343-6123 for more information or stop by the library to sign up!

In addition to the walking challenge, the Fit Youth Initiative has also organized several hikes and other events throughout the summer to help you have fun, stay fit, and reach your walking goal. Activities include 5 adventure hikes. Participating in these special events will earn you special foot tokens only available at these hikes. If you participate in 3 of the adventure hikes, you will also receive a free walking stick. All activities are listed on the tracker.

Happy walking!

Raffle Fundraiser

DWin 4 tickets to kings islandover Public Library Children’s Department


May 2016

Win 4 Tickets to Kings Island!

Raffle Tickets are $1 Each or 6 for $5 and on sale in the Children’s Department. Drawing will be held on June 1. Tickets are Valid through Labor Day 2016 and are valued at $65 each. Funds from the raffle sales will be used to purchase Duplo blocks and other special equipment for the department. See the Children’s Department for More Details



Move with Mortimer this Summer

Coach MortimerWell, Mortimer here again.  I wanted to come here on this computer to tell you about my summer reading program.  It is called “Park it AND Read” because we are teaming up with Dover Park.

But we all know summer reading is all about the Moose. That’s me. Mortimer.

I’m all over this summer reading thing, and I’ve got the scoop. We’re going to have all my favorite programs like LEGO Club (Moose are the best at building, you know), Treats & Treasures (Miss Jen always lets me have a leftover treat ^^), and Art Club (I am the Van Gogh of Moose kind). We’re also going to start checking out sports equipment like bocce ball sets and flag football sets. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure it’s all working properly before we let it circulate. And we’re going to have lots of visitors this summer to talk to us about bike safety, Ohio animals and butterflies, tell stories, and much more!

I’m super excited for  will be the exercise programs called “Movin’ with Mortimer.”  Yes.  That’s me. Did you know that the YMCA is coming HERE to the LIBRARY?!  Well, not the YMCA the building, but YMCA the staff…you know what I mean!  They will teach Zumba and Yoga.  Moose are VERY good at exercise!  But I don’t know much Zumba or Yoga.  You’ll come and help me, right?

Details on all our fun summer programs are coming in the next edition of Footnotes. But you can stop by and ask a non-moose library human for more information any time.  They are pretty nice, even if they don’t have much in the way of fur or antlers!


– Mortimer the Moose

Children’s Traveling Tech Lab


No school for the kids? No problem!  The  Library will host a Children’s Traveling Tech Lab on Friday, April 15 at 2:30 PM. Presented by the Northeast Ohio Regional Library System, this program will demonstrate the latest emerging technology and will teach children how to create, code and think critically through play and collaboration. The Tech Lab demonstrates inexpensive and free technology so that every child has the opportunity to innovate and learn. “Emerging tech can offer more than technical skill,” says Jim Gill, Director. “It can build soft skills like decision making, creative thinking, open-mindedness and communication. The technology in the Tech Lab is not just fun– it focuses on STEAM learning and challenges kids to innovate by working together.”  The Traveling Tech Lab includes: Ozobot, Snap Circuits, LighUp Edison Kit, Cardboard VR, OSMO, Elements 4D, Pixel Press Floors, 3Doodler, Sphero Ball and much more. This program is geared for children ages 7-14. “Students attending Dover City Schools are off on April 15th,” says Dani Gustavich, Children’s Librarian. “This program can be a fun way to get kids out of the house and can be a way to have fun and learn at the same time. ” Please call the Dover Public Library at 330-343-6123 for more information or to register.