Spa Day

flourishTuesday, April 5 at 3:00 PM

in the Community Room

It’s time for our annual Spa Day event! Learn nail art tricks, make bath salts, and more at this fun event. Make gifts for Mom, for your friends, or for yourself. All materials will be provided. Event is open to teens in grades 6-12. Call the library at 330-343-6123 to register. Snacks will be served.

PS: Let’s try not to spill any bright pink nail polish on the floor this year…

Cupcake Decorating

Tuesday, March 22 at 3:00 PM


Learn decorating tricks and tips at this yummy event, then use them to create a cupcake masterpiece! All supplies will be provided by the library. Non-cupcake snacks will be served. This event is open to teens in grades 6-12.

Registration for this event is IMPORTANT! Registering lets Liz know how many cupcakes she needs to bake! Don’t let anyone get stuck without cupcakes to decorate. Call the Library at 330-343-6123 to register!

Also inform the library of any food allergies when registering. A variety of different decorations and flavors may be used at this event. Cupcakes will be made with boxed cake mix. Icing will be vanilla buttercream.

Teen Art Show

March 26 – April 18, 2016

in the Community Room

*Submission Deadline: March 21

CalSplatter paint art in frameling all artists! We want to display YOUR work at the library’s first Teen Art Show. Submission deadline is Monday, March 21. There will be a special reception on Saturday, March 26 with free refreshments. Your work will be displayed in the library’s Community Room for about three weeks. See below for more information and for submission forms.


Art Show Info

Art Show Form






Who can submit work?

Anyone in grades 6-12 or under age 18 may submit work for the Art Show


What can I submit?

You can submit both 2D (drawings, paintings, etc.) and small 3D (sculpture) pieces.


*If you can fit your sculpture in your backpack, the piece is small enough.



How many works can I submit?

Each student may submit 1 piece.


*If you have more, we may be able to fit those pieces in, so stay tuned. Watch the Teen Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/doverpubliclibraryteens. Your High School Art Teachers will also be informed if we need more works to fill our space.



How do I submit my art?

Fill out a Submission Form, available at Dover Public Library at Dover High School. Print clearly!


Attach the form to your art.


Bring the art with the completed form to Dover Public Library by Monday, March 21 OR Turn in the art with the completed form to your participating Art Teacher



When will Art be Returned?

Your pieces will be returned no later than Monday, April 25. Pieces turned in through a classroom will be returned to the teacher. Artists who turn in works individually will be notified when they can pick up their art at the library.



When’s the Reception again?

The Art Show Reception is Saturday, March 26 at 2:00 PM. Bring your family and friends to show off you work, see what others have submitted, and enjoy refreshments. Call the Library at 330-343-6123 to Register.




Reminder: The Library is not responsible for lost or damaged pieces.


Tech Jeopardy

Tech Jeopardy

Tuesday, March 1 at 3:00 PM

Can you tell which website is a hoax? What’s a pixel? What, exactly, is the function of a rubber duck?

OK, that last one was a Harry Potter reference…

Test your knowledge of technology and web resources at this Teen Tech Week event! Prizes will be awarded and snacks will be provided.

Event is open to teens in grades 6-12. Call the Library at 330-343-6123 to Register.

The 6th Annual Overdue Open House

Love Your Library Sunday, February 14 from 2:00 – 5:00 PM

Come celebrate St. Valentine’s Day with us at our annual Open House! Check out the bake sale, listen to live music, and enjoy family entertainment throughout the afternoon! Kids can have their faces painted, listen to fun storytimes from Cheryl Eichel and our Children’s Librarians, see a Magician, and meet costumed characters. Return your overdue materials on Sunday, and we’ll waive your overdue fines for the items. There will also be lots of raffle prizes to check out, a voter registration table, and much, much more! This special event is sponsored by the Citizens for the Dover Public Library. Call the library at 330-343-6123 for more information. No registration necessary.




Dover: Our Story

February 12 – April 14, 2016

Do yoTaking pictures u like making videos and talking to people? Take part in Dover Public Library’s first Local History project just for teens. Dover: Our Story will feature stories from your friends, family, and members of the community and will be a great addition to the library’s Local History collection.

When you sign up for Dover: Our Story, you’ll receive everything you need to complete oral history interviews with your friends and family. You will be loaned a small video camera to capture your interviews, and you will be given a packet with an introduction to Oral History, a blank Family Tree to complete, Interview Record and Release Forms, Interview Planning Sheets, Great Questions for Anyone, and a Time Capsule sheet.

So, what do you do with all this good stuff? Go forth and collect interviews! Ask questions, collect stories, and learn about your family history. Ask family members for help filling out the family tree. Come to the library and try Ancestry Library Edition to try to fill in the blanks. Make sure you get permission to record your interviewees. When you’re all done, return your completed packet and the camera to the Library! We’ll make a copy of your completed materials for you to keep and add the information you have collected to our Local History Collection so everyone can learn more about our community.

You’re loaning me a camera?  What if I break it? Don’t worry too much about that. Just treat it like your own. Keep it in the box and try not to drop it on pavement.

But… I don’t wanna be on camera! That’s OK. If you want to just write down the interviews, that would be awesome, too.

It’s a neat idea, but I don’t have a lot of time… We’re only asking that you conduct 2 interviews in a 2 month time period. If you’re really pressed, just do the best you can and return the materials by April 14. We won’t hold your busy schedule against you.

Materials will be available starting February 12 at the Technology Desk. You must have your own Adult Library Card. Fines on your account cannot exceed $5. This project is open to teens in grades 6-12, or ages about 12 through 18. Call Liz at 330-343-6123 for more information or to reserve your materials.

Let’s make history!