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Confidentiality of Library and Patron Records

Confidentiality of Library and Patron Records Policy

Dover Public Library
The Dover Public Library specifically recognizes that its library records (as defined below) and patron information are confidential in nature. Such records will be made available in the following situations:
1.      Parents, guardians, and custodians will have access to their minor children’s records.
2.      In accordance with a subpoena, search warrant, or other court order, or to a law enforcement officer who is investigating a matter involving public safety in exigent circumstances.
3.      With the consent of the individual who is the subject of the record or information.
4.      For library administration purposes.
Library records are defined in this policy as a record in any form that is maintained by a library and that contains any of the following types of information:
1.      Information the library requires an individual to provide in order to be eligible to use library services or borrow materials.
2.      Information that identifies an individual as having requested or obtained specific materials or materials on a particular subject.
3.      Information that is provided by an individual to assist a library staff member to answer a specific question or provide information on a particular subject.
“Library record” does not include information that does not identify any individual and that is retained for the purpose of studying or evaluating the use of a library and its materials and services.
Adopted by the Dover Public Library
Board of Trustees
September 16, 2010


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