Axis 360 Digital Media Library by Baker and Taylor Ohio

Want to download books to your Kindle, Nook, Smartphone, or Tablet? You’re in the right spot! 

Dover Public Library is part of the Ohio Digital Library, a group of libraries that uses OverDrive to organize and distribute its eBook collection. Thousands of books are available for checkout in a variety of formats, including audiobooks. Now Dover Public Library also has an Axis 360 collection of ebooks just for Dover patrons. This collection is growing and includes both ebooks and audiobooks available to check out on your devices. Axis 360 only supports Kindles that allow installation of applications, like Kindle Fires. Want to check out comics and even more ebooks? Check out Hoopla!

If you’re having trouble using these resources, please call the library at 330-343-6123, email Teen Librarian Liz Strauss at strausel@doverlibrary.org, or see the information below for help.


eBook Help

eBook Guides

  1. Ohio Digital Library Guide from Dover Public Library (Updated February 2017)
  2. Technology Borrowing Policies from Dover Public Library – Borrow a Kindle, Camera, or Chromebook!
  3. State Library’s Ohio Digital Library YouTube Playlist
  4. Ohio Digital Library/OverDrive Help Page
  5. Ohio Digital Library Compatible Devices
  6. Axis 360 Help Page
  7. Axis 360 App Page for Device and App Information



Q: Which resource should I use?

A: Try them all! If one collection doesn’t have what you’re looking for, check the other! If none have the title you’re looking for, feel free to suggest a title.


Q: Where can I suggest a title for purchase?

A: You can email Liz with your suggestions or call the library at 330-343-6123. We’ll look into getting the ebook and get back to you. Make sure you tell us what device you have so we can get the right format.


Q: Why isn’t *Insert Popular Title Here* available?

A: Some publishers just don’t sell ebooks to libraries. Others don’t sell to the consortium. The best way to investigate this is by making a suggestion. If we can’t find it anywhere, we’ll let you know, and we’ll keep checking as publishers change their minds.


Q: What’s my PIN?

A; The default PIN that we set up when you get your Library card is the last 4 digits of your phone number. If this doesn’t work, call the Library at 330-343-6123 and we can reset your PIN over the phone.


Q: I still can’t sign in. Why not?

A: The first thing we’ll check is your library card number. Does it start with a 2? If it doesn’t, we’ll have to get you a new card. Sometimes expiration dates or blocks can interfere with signing in, too. We can fix those over the phone.


Q: Is there an easy way to see what’s available to check out through the Ohio Digital Library?

A: When you’re browsing or searching, you can filter your results on the Ohio Digital Library with the menu on the left. You can see titles that are Available Now or filter by Language, Reading Level, Subject, Format, and more. 


Q: How do I get the OverDrive Media Console App and the Axis Reader App on my Kindle Fire? What about Hoopla?

A: All three Apps are now available directly from the Amazon App Store! 


Q: What’s an Adobe ID and why do I need it?

A: An Adobe ID is a free Adobe account that allows apps like OverDrive Media Console and Axis Reader to manage borrowed materials. All you need is an email address. If you don’t want an Adobe ID, you can also create an OverDrive account to do the same thing for the OverDrive App. An Adobe ID is still required if you are downloading ePub books to your computer.


Q: What format do I need?

A: For Kindles, you want Kindle books from the Ohio Digital Library. When you’re using the OverDrive Media Console App or the Axis Reader App, you want ePub. For Audiobooks, look for MP3s. These work on most devices. If you run into a WMA, this might work on your device, but you’ll have to look in your device’s user guide to find out. 


Q: I don’t get it. Can I just come into the library with my device and have you walk me through it?

A: Of course! Our librarians at the Tech Desk will gladly help you out. Call the library at 330-343-6123 to set up an appointment.


If you have other questions or would like to set up an appointment for one-on-one eBook help at the library, you can call the Tech Room at 330-343-6123 or email Teen Librarian Liz Strauss at strausel@doverlibrary.org. We are glad to help!