Winter Storytimes 2018 (Ages Infant – Preschool with Caregivers)

Welcome to Storytime!



Reading with your young child is a rewarding experience that comes with many benefits: it strengthens the bond between you and your child, and it helps develop important pre-literacy and social skills that helps to prepare them for kindergarten. Each week we will sing songs, do movement activities, and read books together in a way that engages your child. We will work on six skills that all children need to get them ready to read:



  1. Print motivation: books are fun! Reading together is fun!
  2. Language & Vocabulary: we talk about pictures in the book, we talk about big words, we learn how to share a book when reading, and we follow the words of rhymes, so children notice the connection between words and text.
  3. Phonological Awareness: we sing songs together, and repeat rhymes
  4. Print Awareness: we point to text and pictures when reading or singing
  5. Narrative Skills: We talk with children, leaving them time to respond, we relate the story to real life events, places, or people
  6. Letter Knowledge: we use objects to note the importance of shapes, we have hands on activities with large letters to help children learn through senses


Each week we will address some if not all of these important developmental skills. I will post the rhymes, books, and songs to this page after each session so you may practice with your child at home, and reinforce those reading skills.



If you would like more book recommendations, you can follow me on Goodreads as Lyrical Librarian. I post regular book reviews divided into categories for age and type.


If you would like to contact me about storytime or anything else, my email address is, and my direct phone line is 330-343-6123 ext 306.none


Thank you, and I look forward to getting to know all of you and your kids over the years!



Miss Claire

Youth Service Manager, Dover Public Library




Storytime Handouts:


  1. Storytime 2018-01-24
  2. Storytime 2018-01-31
  3. Storytime 2018-02-07
  4. Storytime  2018-02-14
  • Next week we are having one special storytime from 10:00-11:00 am. Miss Claire will be away, but we are having special guests read stories, including a fireman! We hope to see you all there, and regular storytime will resume in two weeks, February 28.