Morgan’s Raid: An Evening with Civil War Historian Lester Horwitz

Longest Raid Book CoverThursday, July 31 at 6:30 PM

John Hunt Morgan

John Hunt Morgan

Join Lester Horwitz, author of the Pulitzer Prize nominated book, The Longest Raid of the Civil War, as he discusses Confederate General John Hunt Morgan’s race across the Ohio River and subsequent invasion into the heart of Ohio.  In July of 1863, Morgan led 2,500 cavalrymen into Union territory only to be defeated in Columbiana County with only 350 men remaining.  The Raid was the northernmost penetration of the Confederacy in the Union as well as the most significant military action in the Buckeye State.  Historian Lester Horwitz is also a  lecturer and playwright and lives in Cincinnati. A book signing will follow the program. Call 330-343-6123 to register for this free program.

For more information on Lester Horwitz, visit his website.

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