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Staff Directory



Director - Jim Gill    director@doverlibrary.org

Fiscal Officer - Jamie Rieger    jrieger@doverlibrary.org

Custodian - Rick Slayman

Custodian - Michael Lehr


Children's Services

Children's Librarian - Pat Rombach    rombacpa@doverlibrary.org

Carie Bleininger

Jen Miller

Bonnie Richardson


Adult Services

Head of Circulation - Paula Fawcett    fawcetpa@doverlibrary.org

Denise Campbell-Johnson

Kathryn Green

Jan Ridenour

Nancy Wilson


Technology Room

Technology Room Manager - Mary Prysi    prysima@doverlibrary.org

Liz Strauss

Nancy Wilson


Audio/Visual Department

Audio/Visual Dept. Manager - Wendy Contini    continwe@doverlibrary.org

Cindy Moss


Outreach Librarian - Linda Toohey    ltoohey@doverlibrary.org

Teen Librarian - Liz Strauss    strausel@doverlibrary.org

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