YA Crew

The YA Crew is a group of teens who gain leadership experience and community service hours by helping the library. At monthly meetings, members suggest materials for the library to purchase, help plan teen programs, discuss what’s popular in teen books, magazines, music, and movies, and help decorate the teen area in the library. The Crew also helps out at various events and programs, such as the Haunted Library and Spring Egg Hunt. Snacks are always provided at the meetings.

The 2nd Tuesday of the Month during the school year at 3:00 PM in the Community Room.

Any teen in grades 6 -12. Contact Liz Strauss for more info: 330-343-6123 or strausel@doverlibrary.org

The YA Crew is a great way to make new friends, but it is also a very good way to earn community service hours and leadership experience. Put the YA Crew on your college applications or your resumes. It will show potential schools and employers that you are outgoing and care about your community. Besides, if you join, you get free food. That’s a benefit, right?


  • Must be in grades 6 -12 (or under 18)
  • Come to at least 5 meetings a school year
  • Participate at meetings
  • Volunteer 3 hours a school year
  • Carnival, Haunted Library, and other projects will count
  • Helping at teen events (cleaning up, decorating, ect.) will also count.
  • Regular meetings do not count
  • Submit 1 Program Suggestion Form a year (Note: It does not have to be approved, but it should be well thought out and taken seriously.)


  • First dibs on discarded YA books.
  • Automatic Registration for regular programs.
  • Early registration for the Lock-In.
  • Can submit pieces (artwork, short stories, etc.) for publication on the Teen Blog, but do not have to.
  • A special prize and/or outing in May for those who have completed all requirements.

Part Time Members are those who have come to meetings but do not meet all the requirements for Full Membership. They are still expected to participate at meetings when they come and be in grades 6-12.